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Mobile MarketingMobile marketing is quickly becoming a small business necessity when you consider the eye opening statistics of mobile use in the United States.

  • The number of mobile internet users will over take the number of fixed (desktop) internet users by 2014.
  • Over half of all local searches are already performed from mobile devices.
  • 92% of mobile users text message regularly.
  • Text messages have a 95% read rate which blows away email (10% if your lucky).
  • Text message coupons commonly garner 10% to 25% redemption rates.
  • 1/3 of cell phones in the USA are smart phones and this percentage is rising FAST

This all boils down to a reality where:

  • Businesses NEED to have a smart phone friendly mobile website so when potential customers use local search on their iPhone or android smart phone they purchase from you rather than find another business with a usable website.
  • Your customers are mobile and you can harness significant power by connecting with them via carefully designed mobile marketing campaigns.
  • Your business can be two steps ahead of the competition by adopting and optimizing a mobile strategy before everyone catches on.

If you are ready to bring your business into the new mobile era then Connections Mobile Marketing  is the perfect partner.  Our comprehensive mobile technology platform combined with local marketing expertise provide a powerful tool to help your business optimize profitability.  To dig deeper into the possibilities we can open to your business check out these links:

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